Outdoor Facilities

 The NIMBUS Outdoor Netted Facility (or Quidditch Pitch) is a 50 ft x 100 ft x 45 ft netted facility devoted to the outdoor testing and experimentation of robotics, with a focus on aerial robotic vehicles. NIMBUS provides time in half-day and full-day increments to groups associated with any campus in the Nebraska University system. NIMBUS prioritizes research experiments but remote flight training is also supported. Please inquire about current rates and rules for use.

Resources and services available include:

  •  50 ft x 100 ft x 45 ft outdoor netted facility.
  •  Locked gate restricting access.
  •  Power is available onsite.
  •  Wifi is available onsite via a Verizon Hotspot

Location: NIMBUS Quidditch Pitch, Transformation Drive, Lincoln, NE 68501. Located on Nebraska Innovation Campus Google Maps link