Indoor Facilities

The NIMBUS lab includes a 24ft by 26ft by 9ft caged flying area with a Vicon Motion Capture system that enables precise localization inside the caged area.  It also includes a separate lab of 15ft by 16ft by 9ft equipped with Vicon, cameras, and microphones to study collocated interactions between robots and humans. This space can also serve as a general study room to observe human perception of robot behaviors via video on the computer equipped with two-24 in monitors. The robot inventory currently includes 14 Ascending Technologies Hummingbird quadrotors, 7 Ascending Technologies Firefly hexrotors, 2 Arducopters, 8 Parrot AR.Drone quadrotors, 2 iRobot Creates, a Double Telepresence robot, 4 prototype omni directional hovercrafts, and tens of smaller quad-rotors used for demos and training. In addition, the NIMBUS Lab has a variety of cameras, sensor nodes, environmental sensors, and communication systems. Finally, the NIMBUS Lab has two 3D printers, 24x18in 90 Watt laser cutter and the fabrication, soldering, and hand tools to support the development of custom electronics, sensors, and housings, as well as the tools and parts to repair the robot systems in-house.

Nimbus lab interior-room UAV testing area