Week 10

This past week was the final week of our REU program. On Monday I submitted the rough draft of my final project report. On Tuesday we had a practice poster session with a few other REU groups and then Wednesday afternoon it was time for the real thing. Overall, I thought the poster session went pretty well and luckily I didn’t get as nervous as I was expecting to. Afterwards, Alex and I received a farewell gift and some final words of wisdom from Ajay and Ashraful. The banquet and the rest of our final day in Lincoln was nice, but it was also hard saying goodbye to everyone. It feels like I’ve known everyone a lot longer than the two months we’ve been here. I’ve had a great summer in Lincoln and have learned a lot including ROS, coding Arduinos, 3-D printing, LaTex, and a bit about building circuits. I was sad to leave Lincoln and UNL, but I am definitely hoping to be accepted for graduate school here in two years so maybe I’ll be back someday. For now, I plan to spend the next two weeks enjoying some free time before school begins and finishing the final draft of my project report. 

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