REU Experiences

REU SRP Week 9

Week 9, 7/29-8/2.

This week was spent building the prototype! It is all starting to come together, but…… I had a huge misfortune this week when the last 3D printed part I needed failed overnight. It was in the middle of a 23 hr print when I went to lab at midnight to check in on it. The print was fine when I left work at 6, but some unknown error caused a dislocation. This was the second time that this particular print failed this week and I was starting to lose hope. It will be left over the weekend and hopefully it will succeed when I come back next Monday. Here is a picture of the disaster…

Recreational activities this week: I went Rock Climbing at the Outdoor Adventure Center a few times, and even hit the gym once. This weekend I am going to the Sioux Falls Empire County Fair to see Keith Urban and Leann Rimes!

That is all for now, one more week to go!

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