Fall 2011 CSCE990

Fall 2011 CSCE 990: Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles Seminar

This semester the Nimbus Lab meeting will be held in conjunction with the CSCE990 UAV seminar.  We meet in the Nimbus lab on Tuesdays from 4-5pm.  Below is the list of readings for each meeting:

August 30th (Sreeja):

Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems: A Research Roadmap
by B. Cheng et all. Self-Adaptive Systems, LNCS 5525, pp. 1–26, 2009

September 6th (Jayasri):

R. Diankov and J. Kuffner, “Openrave: A planning architecture for autonomous robotics,” Robotics Institute, Pittsburgh, PA, Tech. Rep. CMU-RI-TR-08-34, 2008.
September 13th (Paul):
S. Shen, N. Michael, and V. Kumar. Autonomous multi-floor indoor navigation with a computationally constrained MAV. In Proc. of the IEEE Intl. Conf. on Robot. and Autom., Shanghai, China, May 2011. Finalist, Best Paper Award.
September 20th (Haitao):
F. Bourgeois, L. Kneip, S. Weiss, and R. Siegwart, “Delay and Dropout Tolerant State Estimation for MAVs,” presented at the ISER, 2010.
September 27th (Megan):
C. Teuliere, L. Eck, and E. Marchand, “Chasing a moving target from a flying UAV,” presented at the IROS 2011.
October 4th: Ascending Technologies Colloquium, 4pm 115 Avery
October 11th: Pilobolus Dance/UAV Workshop
October 18th: No Class
October 25th (Charlie, Javier, Brent): Multiple papers from IROS 2011
November 1st (Charlie):
Markus Achtelik, Stephan Weiss, Margarita Chli, Frank Dellaert and Roland Siegwart, “Collaborative Stereo“, to appear in Proceedings of the IEEE/RSJ Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) 2011.
November 8th (Javier):
The SMACH High-Level Executive (IEEE Robotics 12/2010)
Towards Autonomous Robotic Butlers: Lessons Learned with the PR2 (ICRA 2011)
November 15th: CSCE Seminar
November 22th (Rahul):
Golombek, Raphael; Wrede, Sebastian; Hanheide, Marc; Heckmann, Martin; , “Online data-driven fault detection for robotic systems,” Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2011 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on , vol., no., pp.3011-3016, 25-30 Sept. 2011
November 29th and December 5th (Brent and Heath): UAV physics, dynamics, control, and simulation:
Reread Sections III and IV of:
N. Michael, D. Mellinger, Q. Lindsey, and V. Kumar. The GRASP multiple micro UAV testbed. IEEE Robot. Autom. Mag., 17(3):56–65, Sept. 2010

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