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Week 8

This week was very hectic and exciting. We ran an mturk study and got results back that showed the questions I created are working and eliciting the responses we are looking for. I’m really excited to see where this study is going and I’m hoping that we can continue to fine tune the questionnaires so […]

Blog Post 8

Karissa and I had a slow start to our week – we finalized and tested all our electronics, and we made sure that we were ready to flight test once we got more helium. To be honest, I believe we could have tested earlier in the week, but we just didn’t have helium to flight […]

Week 8: Crunch Time

There are less than two weeks left in the program, and things are really starting to pick up. I started off the week by looking for datasets. However, after looking for images of planes and helicopters, I quickly realized that large datasets for neither vehicle exist. This makes a lot of sense; why would anyone […]

Week Eight

The historic Haymarket district in downtown Lincoln is a charming spot where old meets new. Beautiful brick buildings and old railroad yards are intertwined with great restaurants and hip cafes. I visited a few times this week to either get work done at a cafe or take a break and enjoy the lively atmosphere. I […]


Almost at the end of the SUMMER RESEARCH PROGRAM. I have heard that most of the REU students miss home and really want to come back but personally, I really like this country, especially Nebraska, and wanna stay here more time. Anyways, this week I was trying to fix the problem from the last week. […]

Week 7

During this week I started to work on the literature review, and on Friday I worked on the draft for the poster. As I was writing the poster with my own words I realized that the dynamics of the space environment is a subject I feel very comfortable with, but as I had to describe […]

Week Seven

In my opinion, winter isn’t fun. Every year in Boston, it feels like winter lasts forever while summer tends to fly by. This week I regularly reminded myself of this as the temperatures rose well above 100 degrees Farenheight. A heatwave has been spreading across the country and it has certainly been toasty here in […]


The day of the symposium is coming soon. It scares me a little bit but I think that the work I have done will be ready for the final presentation according to the deadlines. This week all the REU students have to present a Draft Poster. I have heard that some of the guys don’t […]

Week 6: Project Progress

I came into this program with no idea what I was going to be doing and definitely no experience with machine learning. As the deadline for the final poster presentation approaches and I formulate my project, I realize that I have learned so much since June. The techniques that I have been learning for the […]