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Week 6: Project Progress

I came into this program with no idea what I was going to be doing and definitely no experience with machine learning. As the deadline for the final poster presentation approaches and I formulate my project, I realize that I have learned so much since June. The techniques that I have been learning for the […]

Week Six

A few years ago, a good friend of mine convinced me to attend one of her yoga classes. I had never liked the idea of yoga, in large part because my body has never been very flexible, but I decided to give it a try. Fast-forward to today and yoga has become an integral part […]


I think this week has been to most productive one and really enjoy it because I was doing hardware  and programming tasks to tune up my drone. I was looking and testing several cameras to find out someone that works. And then I had to mount it into the drone together with a Raspberry Pi […]

Week 6

During the week I met with Dr. Bradley and we decided he will allow me to decide what type of radiation mitigation techniques I want to use for this investigation. I no longer have to relate to a mitigation technique with his expertise on artificial intelligence and control systems. What do we have so far? […]

Week 5

During week 5 I finished reading two of the publications I selected. One fully explained the radiation tolerance of commercial off the shelf components currently used in CubeSats. It explains how certain components such as a microprocessor cannot be used once its radiation threshold in met, even if you allow the component to anneal for […]

Week 4

During week 4 I spoke with Dr. Bradley on Tuesday 25 June. We decided not to continue on the potential project to use a small drone to execute a search algorithm to find the shortest path out of a radiation zone. We decided for me to go back to my original plan of investigating current […]

Week 5: Sweet and Short

Due to the 4th of July, this week was a three-day work week. It was an easy week of revising the literature reviews and finishing up the Jupyter Notebook assignment from the previous week. On Sunday night, Dr. Detweiler sent his feedback on the literature reviews. Therefore, as Chris and I finished working on the […]

Getting Started with MAVROS

“The mavros ROS package enables MAVLink extendable communication between computers running ROS, MAVLink enabled autopilots, and MAVLink enabled GCS.” Follow this link to install MAVROS. Once you install MAVROS, you need to run the corresponding launch file depending on the firmware you have installed (either PX4 or APM) in your flight controller.$ roslaunch mavros px4.launchOR$ […]

REU SRP Week 5

Week 5, 7/1-7/5. This week was a short week as we had the 4th of July off. The Lab had a shipment come in for new work benches and I was able to haul them inside and set them up. I had fun building them and the Lab looks a lot better. I was able […]


Most of this week I was working on my Literature Review Draft. Apart from this, on Monday my graduate advisor and me, Pedro and Chandima were developing on-flied flight test. Even though it was no successful, I can know more about the flying drones in a programmatic way and the equipment required to do that. […]