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Week 8

This week, some of my research went through some big changes. Pedro told me that using ResNet50 as the network architecture for my real-time drone detector would be about 11FPS faster than TinyYOLO on the NVIDIA Jetson Nano. For this reason, I quickly began to implement this new architecture. Furthermore, we decided to aim my […]

Week 8

This last week has been very long and busy trying to make some changes to the Arduino code and our circuit and then getting in some final flight tests before our posters are due on Tuesday. Overall, I would say this last week has had a lot of good and bad mixed together research wise. […]

Week 8: Crunch Time

There are less than two weeks left in the program, and things are really starting to pick up. I started off the week by looking for datasets. However, after looking for images of planes and helicopters, I quickly realized that large datasets for neither vehicle exist. This makes a lot of sense; why would anyone […]

Week Eight

The historic Haymarket district in downtown Lincoln is a charming spot where old meets new. Beautiful brick buildings and old railroad yards are intertwined with great restaurants and hip cafes. I visited a few times this week to either get work done at a cafe or take a break and enjoy the lively atmosphere. I […]

Week 8

I practiced flying and hovering the Hubsan backwards over the weekend so this week I was able to move up to doing so on the flamewheel. I have been practicing more flying the flamewheel and I was able to practice taking over and giving control to a computer with Alisha. After much debugging, I was […]

REU SRP Week 8

Week 8, 7/22-7/26. Parts arrived early this week, and additional supplies were ordered and will be here on Monday. The SolidWorks design is now complete (aside from one tiny detail that will be addressed after the physical model is built). I 3D printed a few parts and below is a picture of the puck tower […]


Almost at the end of the SUMMER RESEARCH PROGRAM. I have heard that most of the REU students miss home and really want to come back but personally, I really like this country, especially Nebraska, and wanna stay here more time. Anyways, this week I was trying to fix the problem from the last week. […]

Week 7

This week, I began to work with YOLO, a real-time object recognition system. The open-source implementation that we were provided is a pretty general framework, so I decided to optimize its performance by implementing L2 regularization and early stopping. Afterward, I wanted to expand the existing drone image data set, which consisted of only 350 […]