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Week 5

This week was my fifth in Lincoln and it’s hard to believe that the SRP is already half over. This week in lab Alex and I have been doing a lot of tests with the XQ2 sensor to determine the relationship between the air pressure and the sensor’s height to see if we can use […]

Week 5

This week was a short but packed one. I spent a good portion of Monday getting the LQR controller installed. After many hours of dependency hell, It turned out that I installed Mavros wrong when I started this process late on Friday. I was installing a source version when really all I needed was the […]

REU SRP Week 4

Week 4, 6/24-6/28. This week I read a lot of papers on Wireless Sensor Networks, Drone Payloads, Drone Delivery, and Deploying Sensor Networks. I organized the papers I had, took notes on the relevant information and drafted a Literature Review of the topics. I started brainstorming ideas for the dispenser design and began modelling in […]

Blog Post #4

Yesterday marked the end of the fourth week of the program. It’s hard to believe that after next week, we’ll be halfway done with the program. But at the same time, time feels like it’s slowing down a bit, and things feel a bit more slow-paced, which is good for a change of pace! This […]

Week 4

This week in lab I have been pretty focused on writing my literature review. This was my first time writing a literature review and it was a slow process, but reading more about my project and then having to put what I’d learned into words really helped me to understand it better. Also, I used […]

Week 4

This week, I was primarily focused on writing the first draft of the literature review. A large portion of time was spent reading and annotating papers that are relevant to our research. Without much guidance, a lot of the writing process consisted of trying to figure out what we were expected to put together for […]

Week 4

This week consisted of reading papers that relate to the project that I will be working on. I made the first draft of a literature review. It was very hard to find papers that compared different platforms, but I was able to find a few and discuss them in my literature review. I have already […]

Week 4: Learning To Write

This week I finished my lit review! With all of my sources set and the extraneous sources pruned, I was ready to tackle writing the lit review. I hammered out a draft and sent it to my graduate student advisor. She returned it to me with some very helpful revisions. I have never written a […]

Week 4

I spent this week sorting through data to find any possible connections. I think I found things that may help with the next study. I also wrote up suggestions for the videos that are being filmed for the eye tracking study. I hope they’re helpful in creating a more fruitful study with clearer data. I’m […]

Week 3

This week I took my drone flight test for the Hubsan drone and passed. I also finished writing some code to have a joystick control the turtle. I am using an xbox 360 controller with one axis of the left joystick to control the angular z direction and another axis of the right joystick to […]