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SRP Week 10

Blog 10: Week of 8/10/18   Andrew Brown again. This is actually the last time I will be reporting. It is currently 6:09 on Wednesday morning. I have been up since 2:15 because the bus to Omaha left at 3:00 a.m. I am sitting on my flight back to Sacramento! There will be about a […]

REU Tenth Week

The last and final week came to a close. We had a short week of only two days. Monday was a nervous one as we had a our first poster session where I and all the other engineering REU students at UNL came together to present our posters. This was the first time that I […]

Week 9 & a Few Days of Week 10

Hi everyone! I realized that I forgot to write my blog (yet again), so keep reading if you want an update on the past 3 weeks of my life. I’m home now, and it’s really great. I missed my family and friends, but I’m really missing UNL right now. Traveling home was rough. No one slept […]

SRP Week 9

Blog 9: Week of 8/3/18 Andrew Brown reporting in once again and this time for the last time. This week was the wrapping up week. It has been relaxing as stressful all at the same time. On Monday I worked all day putting the final touches on my poster. It was due at 5:00 p.m., […]

REU Ninth Week

The poster sessions are approaching as we near the tenth and final week. I put the finishing touches on my poster on Monday and sent it off to print at the Pixel Lab on campus. Then it was time to start my first research paper. It was tough getting started and finding the motivation to […]

A nifty nine

This is my last week at Nimbus and I’m pretty bummed I won’t be working with a lot of the people I met here again. We gave practice presentations earlier this week and I was pretty impressed by all the work the other REU students got done and how nice their presentations are. The people […]

Bye Everyone!

My final week! This summer has been such an amazing experience for me. I want to say, for anyone in Nimbus who reads my posts, thank you all so much for an amazing summer. Everyone in the lab was so patient and willing to help me. From Ajay being the all-knowing mastermind, to Pedro who […]

REU week 7 and 8

The project I’ve been working on is focused on human-robot interaction. A telepresence robot approaches someone in a library and a staff member asks them a few questions. I look at aspects of their body language and the interaction itself to judge, or come up with metrics, for the quality of the interaction. Without a […]

Week 8

Hey guys, it’s Amy. My blog post totally escaped my mind last week. I’ve been busy working with the data that we collected on the trip to Colorado. The odroid stores data in in bag files because we use ROS. But to plot and organize the data, we had to convert each bag file into […]

SRP Week 8

Blog 8: Week of 7/31/18             Andrew Brown again, and I really dropped the ball on the blogs this week. It is Tuesday and I am doing my blog for last Friday. That being said, the week went really well. Last week ended with worries that I would not be […]