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Network Connections in Room 218

To HC4 VM Editor: bridged to VM net 1 // I210 GB Adapter VM Settings: Network Adapter 5, Custom: VMnet 1   Vicon Related On Windows: Renamed to “Vicon LAN” I217-LM On VM: Network Editor: VMnet 8, bridged VM settings: Network adapter 2, custom, VMnet 8 Eth0 on Linux ( Vicon is at 10.1, cameras […]

Using rosbag_pandas to Analyze rosbag Files with Python 1

ROS offers great tools to record execution traces using the rosbag command line tool. However, after the data is recorded, quickly extracting the data to perform analysis and produce graphics may be an issue to those unfamiliar with the process.  ROS provides a Python and C++ API to read and write data from the bags […]