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A nifty nine

This is my last week at Nimbus and I’m pretty bummed I won’t be working with a lot of the people I met here again. We gave practice presentations earlier this week and I was pretty impressed by all the work the other REU students got done and how nice their presentations are. The people […]

REU week 7 and 8

The project I’ve been working on is focused on human-robot interaction. A telepresence robot approaches someone in a library and a staff member asks them a few questions. I look at aspects of their body language and the interaction itself to judge, or come up with metrics, for the quality of the interaction. Without a […]

REU week 6

This week feels like it flew by. Starting on Monday, I felt like I had gathered a solid base to start analyzing the first set of videos my grad student collected prior to this summer. I’m a pretty detail-oriented person, so I found categorizing people’s interactions with robots really interesting. I plan on iterating over […]

week 5

This week has been one of my most comfortable as I prepare to start analyzing data next week. I’ve been reading up on a lot of studies about human-robot interaction, looking for ways to categorize people’s responses to an approaching robot. We also have some homework for next week: a lit review, a small statistical […]

Fourth Week

This week, I was excited to read some papers on human robot interaction (HRI) studies and receive some guidance from Ohmnilabs on working with their (our?) robot. My grad student working with NIMBUS’s telepresence robots sent four papers my way to read, and they were all pretty interesting. I will be analyzing videos and placing […]

The thrilling third

Week three held a multitude of learning experiences, so this week’s blog includes the following: realizing when a project is over my head, communicating what I know and don’t know to anyone who can help me, learning on the fly, and (almost completely) exhausting my knowledge and resources on a project. Since my principal investigator […]

The Telepresence Two (Week 2)

Week two started off even more productive than the week prior; I met my grad student who I’ll be helping out this summer and my principle investigator (PI) was out for the week. So, she (my PI), gave me what was supposed to be a fairly simple job: set up a ROS node to control […]

My first week at Nimbus

Friday, June 8th: I have big news. I found the most comfortable way to sit in Nimbus Lab, which is important when you have more than a few ROS1 tutorials to get through. The real trick is to claim a chair early to put your feet up on; being proactive is important in research. The […]