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Bye Everyone!

My final week! This summer has been such an amazing experience for me. I want to say, for anyone in Nimbus who reads my posts, thank you all so much for an amazing summer. Everyone in the lab was so patient and willing to help me. From Ajay being the all-knowing mastermind, to Pedro who […]

Week 9

This week, I looked forward to collecting data for the experiment I would be finishing up. I was able to work Monday and Tuesday to finalize the room configuration and the code for the drones. I struggled a lot with how the Vicon was set up in the room. Since the trial hasn’t been run […]

Week 8

I was very excited to start setting up my materials to start the study that I would be finishing up for Dr. Duncan. I started with finding all of the old documents- they haven’t run this study since 2016, so it had been a while- and talking to Alisha about how I would be running […]

Week 7

Sadly, this week was a short one for me. I was only able to get into lab Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday morning, I took off for Florida to celebrate my Grandmother’s 80th birthday. Although I am sad to not be in lab, it has been nice to see my family again, as I haven’t […]

Week 6

I came into the office on Monday to continue the same work as before. Andrew and I kept tinkering with little things that we hoped would fix the Crazyflie’s flight pattern. Sadly, nothing was working. We called in Dr. Elbaum and Dr. Bradley to give us their thoughts. They both agreed with our hypothesis that […]

Week 5

The beginning of this week was very similar to how my weeks have gone so far. I kept working with the Crazyflie drones. Andrew and I tried moving it to another room with Vicon set up but couldn’t get the Vicon system to work connect properly. Monday and Tuesday were filled with attempts to correctly […]

Week 4

On Monday and Tuesday, I largely dedicated my time to finishing the Crazyflie integration. I had been at the point where I was very close to getting it to the point I wanted to, just there were a few errors almost every time I fixed one. Monday, we had a focus group with some of […]

REU Week 3

This week, I was able to start my project for this summer. Before, I had been learning how to use ROS, fly the drones, and do a few smaller tasks to prepare for the summer. Monday morning, I came in and had a clear idea of what I needed to achieve, so I started right […]

REU Week 2

This week, the other students finally joined me in the lab. I started meeting my coworkers on Sunday night during a welcome dinner. I not only met some of the students in my lab, but also those doing research in the other labs around campus. People were going to research fields like biochemistry, ergonomics, minority […]

REU First Week

I am finally in the lab! After a cumulative 17-hour drive (broken into only two days), I moved into the University Suites at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I started my first day of work on Monday. Since it was Memorial Day, the office was rather quiet. This gave Brittany and I a perfect chance to […]