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REU Tenth Week

The last and final week came to a close. We had a short week of only two days. Monday was a nervous one as we had a our first poster session where I and all the other engineering REU students at UNL came together to present our posters. This was the first time that I […]

REU Ninth Week

The poster sessions are approaching as we near the tenth and final week. I put the finishing touches on my poster on Monday and sent it off to print at the Pixel Lab on campus. Then it was time to start my first research paper. It was tough getting started and finding the motivation to […]

REU Eighth Week

The final week is approaching, which means that the poster presentation is almost here. I spent the week starting and finishing my poster that I will need to present during the last few days of the summer. It was a week of reflection and realization. I was able to look back on the summer and […]

REU Seventh Week

This was a big week. We were able to make it to Colorado last Friday to begin the week of flying as we profiled the atmosphere for a better understanding of the production of storms in the San Luis Valley. On Saturday, we had a media day at a small local airport just outside Alamosa, […]

REU Sixth Week

This was a busy week. Ashraful was out in Colorado presenting on his invention of the the housing that is going to be attached to the M600 Pro DJI drone that we are going to use to profile the atmosphere. This housing is used to prevent mixed air from running over the sensor to get […]

REU Fifth Week

Another big week is done and in the books. Colorado trip is only a week away for us and less than that for Ashraful, the mechanical engineering graduate student involved in designing the housing and such for the sensors. He is leaving this Monday as he is going down to present at the conference that […]

REU Fourth Week

This week was a push towards getting ready for Colorado. Ashraful leaves on the 9th leaving us one more week to get everything ready for the big trip. We want the flight out in Colorado to not be controlled by a pilot so I looked into a few apps on tablets to see if any […]

REU Third Week

This was a very eventful and quick week. I finally learned enough of ROS to be able to apply it to something useful. I was able to use ROS to read, organize, and store the data from a sensor that measured pressure, humidity, and temperature along with the GPS coordinates. Also, I used it to […]

REU Second Week

Getting into the second week of the summer, our group of five undergrad students began to work towards starting our piece of a project for the summer. We met with our faculty advisers at the start of the week and they gave us an idea of what we would be working on. I began to […]

REU First Week

Week #1 (6/4 – 6/8) My name is Jason Finnegan, and I am a Nebraska native. Born and raised in the small town of Cozad, NE which is about two and a half hours west of Lincoln. Our town is most proud that we are built almost directly on the 100th Meridian. I grew up […]