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We are looking for a Lab Manager!

We are looking for a part-time lab manager. The primary duties for the lab manager include preparing and maintaining equipment, refining scripts and models, giving tours, building and running demos, enforcing certain processes, etc.  The person we are looking for needs to have technical experience relevant to the lab including basic programming skills and exposure […]

NSF 360 and Nebraska Drones

Great piece prepared by the UNL team giving an overview of our lab and work is now available for a national audience at This is based on the UNL Annual Report which also featured the NIMBUS Lab.  You can also directly watch the video here: )

MAV Virtual Cage Video

This is the video we submitted with the “Virtual Cage” paper. It uses the Parrot-drone standlone sensors data to constrain the navigational behavior so that the MAV stays within a specified volume (defined by ground markings and altitude bounds based on ultrasound sensors). The video includes an experiment in the lab and another one outside. […]