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Week 9 & a Few Days of Week 10

Hi everyone! I realized that I forgot to write my blog (yet again), so keep reading if you want an update on the past 3 weeks of my life. I’m home now, and it’s really great. I missed my family and friends, but I’m really missing UNL right now. Traveling home was rough. No one slept […]

Week 8

Hey guys, it’s Amy. My blog post totally escaped my mind last week. I’ve been busy working with the data that we collected on the trip to Colorado. The odroid stores data in in bag files because we use ROS. But to plot and organize the data, we had to convert each bag file into […]

Week 6 & 7

Hello all! It’s Amy. I’m currently sitting in a car on my way back to UNL. I’m sorry I missed my last blog post; I’ve been crazy busy. Since Thursday, Jason and I have been in Colorado participating in the LAPSE RATE conference as part of Team NIMBUS. NIMBUS teamed up with the researchers from […]

Week 5

Hey y’all, this is Amy. This week started off great! The university crafted a GRE prep session that took place on Saturday. I was really excited to learn more about what it takes to better prepare myself for one of the most important tests of my professional career. The downside of the session was that […]

Week 4

Hey! It’s Amy.   Weekend: We went to the Omaha Zoo! It was raining, which I thought was super inconvenient, so I complained all Friday about it. My mentor even bought an umbrella to shut my whining up. But because there was rain, they had to move the elephants and giraffes indoors. I saw a […]

Week 3

Hello! Day 1: I went over the code for serial communication packets again. We met with Dr. Elbaum to go over this week’s goals. Our end of the week goal is to be able to publish and subscribe in ROS using sensors. I went to see Ashraful after the meeting. He showed me the iMet […]

Week 2

Hey hey hey! Update: I PASSED MY FLIGHT TEST :) Weekend: I learned how to charge the big batteries. AJ gave me an extensive lecture on battery characteristics and safety procedures. I flew my flame wheel more. Flying these make me nervous because they are much bigger than the little Hubsans. Bigger drone == Bigger […]

Week 1

Hello! My name is Amy Guo, and I am a senior studying Computer Engineering at Saint Louis University. I enjoy electronic circuit design, digital design, and computer system design. I’ll be spending my summer at UNL doing research in the NIMBUS Lab. In my free time, I like to paint, bake, and eat good food. […]