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REU SRP Week 10

Week 10, 8/5-8/7. This was my last week at the Nimbus Lab, UNL, and Nebraska. I had a wonderful experience and my prototype actually worked! Jacob programmed it Monday and we finished building it Tuesday and tested it that night and got some sweet video footage. Tuesday morning, I participated in a practice poster session […]

REU SRP Week 9

Week 9, 7/29-8/2. This week was spent building the prototype! It is all starting to come together, but…… I had a huge misfortune this week when the last 3D printed part I needed failed overnight. It was in the middle of a 23 hr print when I went to lab at midnight to check in […]

REU SRP Week 8

Week 8, 7/22-7/26. Parts arrived early this week, and additional supplies were ordered and will be here on Monday. The SolidWorks design is now complete (aside from one tiny detail that will be addressed after the physical model is built). I 3D printed a few parts and below is a picture of the puck tower […]

REU SRP Week 7

Week 7, 7/15-7/19. A few exciting things happened this week. I have been refining the SolidWorks file for the dispenser design and it is starting to come together! The picture is of the updated model and we ordered parts this week. As soon as the parts come in next week, I can put the prototype […]

REU SRP Week 6

Week 6, 7/8-7/12. This week I mostly worked on my prototype design in SolidWorks. It is still in the early stages and looks fairly rough, but it is coming along. Parts will get ordered soon and I am currently 3D printing a few parts to make sure that they work in the physical world and […]

REU SRP Week 5

Week 5, 7/1-7/5. This week was a short week as we had the 4th of July off. The Lab had a shipment come in for new work benches and I was able to haul them inside and set them up. I had fun building them and the Lab looks a lot better. I was able […]

REU SRP Week 4

Week 4, 6/24-6/28. This week I read a lot of papers on Wireless Sensor Networks, Drone Payloads, Drone Delivery, and Deploying Sensor Networks. I organized the papers I had, took notes on the relevant information and drafted a Literature Review of the topics. I started brainstorming ideas for the dispenser design and began modelling in […]

REU SRP Week 3

Week 3, 6/17-6/21. This week went by faster than usual. On Monday I passed my flight test for the Hubsans, so now I am able to practice on the hummingbirds once one becomes available and operational. I have officially been assigned to a project for the remainder of the program and I could not be […]

REU SRP Week 2

Week 2, 6/10-6/14. This week I finished CITI Program training and made it to the half way point of the beginner ROS tutorials. I have been steadily improving on the Hubsan drones but unfortunately was not able to take the flight test this week (almost all the batteries were dead!!). Monday is the new target […]

REU SRP Week 1

Week 1, 6/3-6/7. My name is Andrew Dalbol, I am a Mechanical Engineering major from the University of Jamestown, ND. I am excited for my summer here at Nimbus Labs, attached to Memorial Stadium located on the beautiful University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus. Since the first week was orientation, each morning was filled with informational presentations […]