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SRP Week 10

Blog 10: Week of 8/10/18   Andrew Brown again. This is actually the last time I will be reporting. It is currently 6:09 on Wednesday morning. I have been up since 2:15 because the bus to Omaha left at 3:00 a.m. I am sitting on my flight back to Sacramento! There will be about a […]

Network Connections in Room 218

To HC4 VM Editor: bridged to VM net 1 // I210 GB Adapter VM Settings: Network Adapter 5, Custom: VMnet 1   Vicon Related On Windows: Renamed to “Vicon LAN” I217-LM On VM: Network Editor: VMnet 8, bridged VM settings: Network adapter 2, custom, VMnet 8 Eth0 on Linux ( Vicon is at 10.1, cameras […]

Crazyflie and Networking Related Procedures

Crazyflie setup process Overview: NIMBUS Lab operates the crazflie 2.0 using the work of Whoenig and his associates from USC ACT Lab. Their documentation can be found at However, there are some wholes in this documentation. The purpose of this document is to walk the Crazyflie operator through the setup of the Crazyflie system, […]

SRP Week 9

Blog 9: Week of 8/3/18 Andrew Brown reporting in once again and this time for the last time. This week was the wrapping up week. It has been relaxing as stressful all at the same time. On Monday I worked all day putting the final touches on my poster. It was due at 5:00 p.m., […]

SRP Week 8

Blog 8: Week of 7/31/18             Andrew Brown again, and I really dropped the ball on the blogs this week. It is Tuesday and I am doing my blog for last Friday. That being said, the week went really well. Last week ended with worries that I would not be […]

SRP Week 7

Blog 7: Week of 7/20/18 It is Andrew Brown again, and boy what a week. On Monday, Dr. Bradley came in to my little room to see my working Crazyflies and to discuss my next step. He said that I should get the Crazyflies flying in formation using the pre-packaged code that I have been […]

SRP week 6

Blog 6: Week of 7/13/18 Andrew Brown reporting back one again! This week began with disappointment and was followed by an uneasy and discouraging middle, but it ended in victory!!! As I mentioned last week, Dr. Bradley came in Monday morning to help me troubleshoot the crazyflie. After a few minutes of discussion, we decided […]

SRP Week 5

Blog 5: Week of 7/5/18 Andrew Brown again! This week started in frustration, peaked with some excitement in the middle, and ended with hopeful, yet uncertain expectation. We ended off last week with the small computer having loaded all of the crazyflie software correctly, yet unable to make the drone hover because the computer hardware […]

SRP Week 4

Blog 4: Week of 6/29/18 Andrew Brown here again. Last week left off with high hopes as we planned to try a couple of different computers to mitigate the latency which we believe is the root of the drone’s failure to hover in place while under computer control. We got my computer to work easily […]

SRP Week 3

Blog 3: Week of 6/22/18 Andrew Brown reporting in! This has been a really exciting week and a really dull week all at the same time. The first half of the week consisted of more battling with ROS. I tried to improve the code I wrote last week, and I also began teaching myself how […]