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Week 8

During this week I clarified the topics of my investigation that were unclear.

I investigated about the effects of single event burnout (SEB) and single event gate ruptures (SEGR).

These effects mostly affect power MOSFETS. The main idea is when a high energy particle strikes a power MOSFET it alters the electric field at the depletion regions or at the insulator layer. If it accumulated in the depletion regions it creates a SEB, whereas if it accumulates at the insulator gate it creates a SEGR.

I also investigated about SEL.

A single event latch-up SEL. Affects mostly complementary MOS (CMOS). The main idea is that the energy from a high energy particle activates the parasitic behavior of the CMOS which implies that it starts to behave as a Bipolar junction transistor (BJT). Relative to the energy of the particle the current starts to increment leading to a short circuit described as a latch-up.

I also investigated about error detection and correction codes EDAC. These techniques exist on both hardware and software. These are implemented relative to the mission to avoid overhead in computation.

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