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Departure day. I am so sad, yesterday I said goodbye to all my friends and Nimbus staff. All of us shared incredible moments and I strongly believe that our group “Unnmaned System” was the best ever. Especially, the Nimbus lab is AMAZING and I recommend all of you guys to apply for this program the next year. Personally, I am really motivated to come back to the States the next year for grad school.

This week finally we present our posters in the SRP symposium. It was a really good experience. In the beginning, I was scared to present it but after the practice presentation, I got the confidence needed to feel comfortable during the presentation.

FIG 1. Me presenting my poster

After that, we attend the closing banquet. That was our last dinner together with the “Nimbus” guys. I enjoyed the food and the rest of the event but I did not when we took the last pictures together at the end of the event.

FIG 2. One of the last pictures taken after the banquet

Finally, I just want to thank the people who made my participation in the program possible and all the Nimbus staff. It was glad to spend my summer with you.

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