Daily Archives: August 9, 2019

REU SRP Week 10

Week 10, 8/5-8/7. This was my last week at the Nimbus Lab, UNL, and Nebraska. I had a wonderful experience and my prototype actually worked! Jacob programmed it Monday and we finished building it Tuesday and tested it that night and got some sweet video footage. Tuesday morning, I participated in a practice poster session […]

REU SRP Week 9

Week 9, 7/29-8/2. This week was spent building the prototype! It is all starting to come together, but…… I had a huge misfortune this week when the last 3D printed part I needed failed overnight. It was in the middle of a 23 hr print when I went to lab at midnight to check in […]

Week 10

This was the final week of the REU summer experience. Over the weekend and on Monday, I was preparing and practicing my poster presentation. On Tuesday, we all got to practice our poster presentation. The symposium and banquet wrapped up the program on Wednesday. As I am traveling back, I realize that I am excited […]

Week Ten

Becoming a pilot may be one of the coolest things someone can do. I recently learned that some of our lab directors are also pilots and fly aircraft locally in Lincoln fairly often. While I already thought they were cool, the overall cool-factor certainly spike a bit. While I can’t fly planes (yet), this week […]