Week 6

This week I got some more feedback from my graduate student about my literature review and I made revisions to my literature review.

I have been working on writing code that will hover the drone at a specific NED location and move the drone in a straight line between two points. I found out that north actually corresponds to y and east corresponds to x, so I had to go through and make edits to my code. Today I finished my first version of code incorporating a time aspect into moving to a specific NED location so that the drone does not respond quickly to changes in position. In order to do this, I need to came up with equations that will change the desired NED location with time, such that the drone reaches a given position in a desired amount of time. I was able to work backwards from the starting and ending position I want to be at and the time I want it to take to go between the positions to figure out the velocity I need. The node that I am working on is subscribed to read the current position from the vicon, and use this to determine if it is sufficiently close to the target location. Based on if the drone is within a certain threshold, the velocities should be set to 0 while the position is held. The node that I am working on publishes an NED position, and NED location, and a yaw value in radians. Siya said she could test my code this weekend, so I am looking forward to seeing the results.

This week I played pool in a game room. I have also been playing some chords and fingerpicking songs on Andy’s guitar.

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