I think this week has been to most productive one and really enjoy it because I was doing hardware  and programming tasks to tune up my drone. I was looking and testing several cameras to find out someone that works. And then I had to mount it into the drone together with a Raspberry Pi that I was working on the past week  that already has installed a software that allows me to take pictures remotelly using the command line and the wifi network eduroam. That is very useful to my project because I can control the onboard camera remotley using my laptop.  

With respect to hardware task, on Wednesday I was soldering some connection to supply power to the Raspberry Pi.

Since I was using networking to control the Raspberry Pi, I had to figured out another mecanis to send commands to from my computer to the Raspberry and was there when Chandime suggest me to usu serial communication via Xbee modules. To do taht I wrote some python codes that send the required commeands.  So far, I think that my drone is ready to fly outside and take amazing pictures 

Fig1. Civilian V1.0

On the other hand and for reactional activities, I went to the movie “Midsommar” on Tuesday with my labmates and “Yesterday” with the rest of Ecuadorian guys. On Wednesday I went to the Memorial Stadium Tout, I took very cool photos, and I have an appointment for “Day at the lake” tomorrow

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