Week 6

During the week I met with Dr. Bradley and we decided he will allow me to decide what type of radiation mitigation techniques I want to use for this investigation. I no longer have to relate to a mitigation technique with his expertise on artificial intelligence and control systems.

What do we have so far?
We want CubeSats to be successful in space despite the fact that they are very sensible to the space environment.

So far there has been hundreds of missions with CubeSats for short missions specially in LEO.
Recently scentists want to take these space systems for interplanetary missions in order to allow universities
and small companies study deep space and dynamic orbits.

NASA successfully completed a missions of two 6U CubeSats named Marco accompanying the INSight Rover.

The publication of this mission specified that the radiation technique used was (TMR), if the voters are encountered with an error
the system resets in less than a second.

Other historycally used radiation mitigation techniques for CubeSats:

memory scrubbing
Radiation sensor
Spare tiles, ready to replace tiles affected by a SEU

Other mitigation techniques that could be used:

nanomaterials, but are they really worth it for these type of missions?

Maybe it would be worth it if you would like to use a CubeSat for a longer mission on both environments
LEO or deep Space, or if you would like to explore a more dynamic orbit such as a sun synchronious, or High elliptic orbit.

Items to take into consideration:
understand the dynamics of different known orbits that a cubesat could be deployed at, including the hyperbolic orbit
to Mars.

Where to go from here?

Most of the publications I found explore the mitigation techniques against non-destructive SEE,
but I wonder if there is anything established to mitigate destructive SEE such as SEL, SEB, and SEGR
which occur at the hardware level.

Today I am also going to read this publication:
Taking SmallSats to the Next Level-Sensible radiation requirements and qualification that wont break the bank.

Lets see what type of ideas this could bring, I will also investigate about mitigation techniques at the hardware
level since when these occur the entire system most likely is terminated.

I found an article named: Fraunhofer Satellite radiation sensing systems.

I am really interested on the techniques used for this publication since any type of SEE is initiated at the hardware level.

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