Week 2

I finished my CITI training on Monday. On Tuesday and Wednesday I finished up the first section of ROS tutorials and practiced flying the small drone. I have gotten better at flying, but I still feel like I need more practice to get better, especially when the drone orientation is not forward. With a lot of online searching, I was able to turn a python code that moves the turtle in a straight line into a cpp file. It asks the user for inputs for the speed, distance, and forward/backward direction and moves the turtle accordingly. I also made a ROS package that has a node generate random numbers between 0 to 100 and publishes this on a topic that is subscribed to by another node. The next node then multiplies the random number by 10 and publishes the result, which is already printed using ROS_INFO but can also be seen by using the rostopic echo command. I am trying to get a hold of an xbox controller to use that to control the turtle as well.

We had a workshop on scientific writing this week that explained how writing goes through many revisions, and the first step is to just openly write. My plan for next week is to have a thorough understanding of the research that has already been done on this topic at the NIMBUS Lab and take some notes while starting to do my literature review. After taking some notes, I will draw some comparisons between different studies.

This past weekend I went to the Lincoln Capitol Building and the UNL State Museum and planetarium in Morrill Hall. The view from the Capitol Building was really nice and I got a good panoramic picture.

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