Week 2

My second week in Nebraska has been just as busy as the first. In the lab I have primarily been working with ROS and Arduino this week. I’ve enjoyed being able to see some actual applications of ROS by writing a few simple programs to send and recieve information from the Arduino. I’ve also been doing some research into altitude-controlled balloons to learn more about the subject and determine some possible methods of allowing a balloon to maintain a stable altitude which is the project that I will be working on this summer. The research has been pretty interesting so far, and I’m looking forward to putting some of those ideas into practice.

Outside of the lab, I enjoyed taking advantage of the down time this weekend to get an awesome tour of the state capitol building, visit the natural history museum on campus, and enjoy a game night with the rest of the unmanned systems students. On Wednesday, all the REU students also attended another mini-lecture this week on writing scientific papers. So far, I have really enjoyed this REU experience and feel that I have already learned a lot this summer.

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