Week 2

Week two went rather quickly. Most of the week consisted of looking for and reading papers that might be relevant to what I’ll be working on the rest of the summer. I looked at papers that were relevant for HRI Gestures, HRI Sound, Simulation Fidelity, Eye Tracking, and Point Light Displays. The most interesting paper I read was about a gesture based system that was able to control and assign multiple drone groups. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the content of that paper will be strictly relevant to what I will be doing. Regardless, I learned a lot of useful information which should be helpful going forward.

I also spent some time improving my skills with the quadcopter. Keeping the elevation steady while doing the box is still a little tricky, but I think I should be ready for the flight test on Monday. Once I pass that I will be able to move on to larger vehicles and start to dabble with computer control.

Speaking of computer control, I spent the remaining of my time this week working on a small ROS project. I managed to stumble upon some rather baffling errors that not only stumped me but some of the grad students as well. It was heartening to know that my issue wasn’t a gap in my conceptual understanding of ROS nor a silly mistake. However, I felt bad that everyone wasted their time troubleshooting an issue that I ended up circumventing since no one could figure it out.

Overall, things went pretty smoothly this week. Even though the ROS bugs were tricky, I enjoyed the challenge of debugging and I feel more competent with ROS because of it.

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