Week 2

Francisco Quinga here again. This week passed so fast.
Monday I continue working in ROS tutorials. I had some troubles in the part about Client and Service since when I ran catkin_make command always throws me an error. I don´t why but my computer is not able to localize .h files so what I did is write the absolute path of my .h files in the include statement of my .cpp files. In the evening. My friends and I were to the Gateway mall to grab some sports equipment to start training in the recreational center.

I am working with another summer research program participant: Paul Fletcher and the grad mentor assignment to me is Chandima Fernando. During the rest of the week, we were working with Xbee’s , a wireless module. We were assigned to operate the turtle of the other one and vice versa using these modules and ROS. It was a challenging task because we need to read a lot of tutorials to configure our environments and install the Xbee’s drivers. On Wednesday we were able to configure our Xbee using XCTU software. Then we needed to figure out how to use serial communication to send messages wirelessly. After a lot of tries, we still were not able to establish communication between our computers but the problem was that one Xbee was badly configured and Chandima helps us with that problem.

Finally, at the end of the week, we achieved our goal after written some python files.
In addition, I was reading a couple of paper to understand better Coregulation of the physical and computational effector. I think this will help me to figure out the direction of my project.

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