Week 1

Hey folks, I am Francisco Quinga, a senior student in Computer Science from Ecuador.
During this first week I have been attended to orientation meetings, in Henzlik Hall, about interesting topics to be tailored to the life inside the campus as well as research concrens. Those were funny because there were a lot of stuff that we can get it if we participate in it. In addition, I have known a cuple of things about the other Reaserch Program Participants in the Unmanned System program. I have also been in meeting with the faculty staff of the Nimbus Lab.

In the Nimbus Lab I was able to fly a drone in a pretty good way. The reason is because my uncle tought me how to fly a drone in the last week I was in Ecuador before the UNL research programm started. I think that flying the Hubsan is very eassy because in Ecuador I was practicing with the DJI Phantom 2.

About my project, I will be working in the implemetation of algorithims for co-regulation in drones. So as, Dr. Bradley assigned me one of his graduate students to work with. He told me that the first task is to become familiar wih ROS (robot operating system) framework. For that reason, this week I have been working with ROS tutotials.

Finaly, I am really exited about the program and I spect to gain research experience as well be the coauthor of some paper. I already has a publication in Springer but I really wanna be part of a paper publications in conjuction with University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I think that this could meakes me more competitive with respect of other student.

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