Week 1

Hello. My name is Karissa Jelonek and I am a computer science major going into my third year at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. This summer I am participating in the Unmanned Systems REU at UNL to gain some experience with research and learn more about computer science and especially about its real-world applications. I don’t have any previous experience with drones, but I choose this lab because I thought they would be cool to learn more about and I really liked the interesting applications that the lab was exploring for drones. I hope that by the end of the summer I will have learned a lot and will have a clearer idea of what I want to do in the future with regards to graduate school and career paths.

This first week at UNL has been busy. In the lab, the three things I have been working on this week have been ROS tutorials, FAA part 107, and practicing flying the Hubsans a little. The ROS tutorials have definitely been the most stressful part, but after a week I am starting to feel slightly more comfortable with it. Meanwhile, I thought the FAA part 107 stuff was pretty interesting and easy to follow, but practicing flying has definitely been the most fun part so far. However, I still need some work before I’m ready for my flying test.

My time outside of the lab has also been busy. In the mornings, we had workshops on different topics like authorship, financing grad school, and mentor communication. We also had several social activities in the evenings and opportunities to go on tours to see the campus and downtown areas. Overall, I have really enjoyed my first week at UNL and am looking forward to week two.

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