REU SRP Week 2

Week 2, 6/10-6/14.

This week I finished CITI Program training and made it to the half way point of the beginner ROS tutorials. I have been steadily improving on the Hubsan drones but unfortunately was not able to take the flight test this week (almost all the batteries were dead!!). Monday is the new target day for my flight test, and then hopefully I will be able to start learning on the Hummingbirds.

I also did some soul searching to help figure out what project I would like to work on this summer. Stay tuned, because I will reveal the project next week!! I have started reading some literature on three potential topics but am leaning heavily towards one in particular.

I slacked a bit on studying for FAA part 107, but next week I will pick it up again and start preparing for the exam. I hope to be certified by the end of the program, maybe I’ll even buy a small drone when I return home.

My plans for next week include, but are not limited to: continue ROS tutorials, begin Lit Review, graduate from Hubsans, and more.

Recreational activities this week: Jazz in June was moved to the Bourbon Theatre due to rain. I enjoyed some wonderful jazz from brazil and almost got soaked walking back to campus. Wednesday evening, I played pool for hours and practiced some guitar. I went to a karaoke bar on Thursday but didn’t stay long. Friday night has officially become Smash night as Jake is hosting another Smash Bros event. Sunday, Paul and I are taking a class together on rock climbing which should be a lot of fun.

That is all for now, more to come in the following weeks!

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