Yearly Archives: 2019

National Drone Safety Awareness Event

The week of Nov 4-10, 2019 is National Drone Safety Awareness week. We push the envelope in our UAS research in order to make advancements for the public good. BUT, it has to be done safely, something we take very seriously. Monday, Nov 4, 2019 at 12:00 in the Schorr Center conference room NIMBUS will […]

Week 10

This past week was the final week of our REU program. On Monday I submitted the rough draft of my final project report. On Tuesday we had a practice poster session with a few other REU groups and then Wednesday afternoon it was time for the real thing. Overall, I thought the poster session went […]

Week 10

In the final week of the workshop, I put the finishing touches on my research poster and began to practice for my spoken presentation. The UNL College of Engineering hosted a practice research symposium on Tuesday, which was good practice for the following day. Wednesday’s official SRP symposium was great – I was able to […]

REU SRP Week 10

Week 10, 8/5-8/7. This was my last week at the Nimbus Lab, UNL, and Nebraska. I had a wonderful experience and my prototype actually worked! Jacob programmed it Monday and we finished building it Tuesday and tested it that night and got some sweet video footage. Tuesday morning, I participated in a practice poster session […]

REU SRP Week 9

Week 9, 7/29-8/2. This week was spent building the prototype! It is all starting to come together, but…… I had a huge misfortune this week when the last 3D printed part I needed failed overnight. It was in the middle of a 23 hr print when I went to lab at midnight to check in […]

Week 10

This was the final week of the REU summer experience. Over the weekend and on Monday, I was preparing and practicing my poster presentation. On Tuesday, we all got to practice our poster presentation. The symposium and banquet wrapped up the program on Wednesday. As I am traveling back, I realize that I am excited […]

Week Ten

Becoming a pilot may be one of the coolest things someone can do. I recently learned that some of our lab directors are also pilots and fly aircraft locally in Lincoln fairly often. While I already thought they were cool, the overall cool-factor certainly spike a bit. While I can’t fly planes (yet), this week […]


Departure day. I am so sad, yesterday I said goodbye to all my friends and Nimbus staff. All of us shared incredible moments and I strongly believe that our group “Unnmaned System” was the best ever. Especially, the Nimbus lab is AMAZING and I recommend all of you guys to apply for this program the […]

Week 9

During this week I continue with my investigation, this time on redundancy. I found a publication on the basic understanding on triple modular redundancy for FPGA -based computer systems. The basic idea is that TMR is when you have three processors working simultaneously, and their outputs have voters. The voters select the most popular output. […]