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SRP Week 10

Blog 10: Week of 8/10/18


Andrew Brown again. This is actually the last time I will be reporting. It is currently 6:09 on Wednesday morning. I have been up since 2:15 because the bus to Omaha left at 3:00 a.m. I am sitting on my flight back to Sacramento! There will be about a 50 minute layover in Phoenix, and then the final leg to Sac. I’ll land at 9:00 a.m. west coast time. Mom will be picking me up! I have not had anything substantial to eat since dinner time yesterday, so I am hoping she and I will stop by McDonalds on the way home for some Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuits – one of my favorite foods in the whole world!

This last week was easy. On Monday we had a poster presentation session for the engineering department. My expectation was that groups would come through and stop by everybody’s poster and listen to their presentation. Instead, people just came and walked around. If they were interested in your poster they might stop and ask some questions, but our posters were at the end of the line and not many people dropped by. I believe I only talked to three people. However, one of those people was a professor from the engineering department and I feel like we had a good conversation.

That evening was the goodbye banquet. Everybody from the REU program got all dressed up and we ate dinner on the bottom floor of the Cather Diner Center. At the dinner they announced the poster finalists for each lab. Shannon and Jason were the finalist for our group! If you two are reading this, well done you guys!

Tuesday was the big presentation day where everybody from the REU presented their poster. For me, this presentation was even less stressful than the first one because I was not a finalist. This meant I got to go around and see some other posters, which I really enjoyed. Some of the bio students are working on projects with some seriously life changing implications. I also got to talk to Xinkai for a while at the presentation, which I always enjoy.

After the presentation all of the NIMBUS REU students went back to the lab for some goodbye coffee and snacks. It was sad to say goodbye to everybody. It really was a great summer. We learned a ton, got to play with drones, and I think built some meaningful relationships. I hope to see many of the people from the lab and from the larger REU program again.