REU Experiences

Week 8

Hey guys, it’s Amy. My blog post totally escaped my mind last week. I’ve been busy working with the data that we collected on the trip to Colorado. The odroid stores data in in bag files because we use ROS. But to plot and organize the data, we had to convert each bag file into a Matlab variable. Needless to say that was a lot to convert since we flew over 100 flights, and each flight’s data was stored in its own bag file. I’ve also worked a lot on my poster. Trying to sum up my entire summer on a 39″x29″ poster was challenging. I feel like I’ve learned so much. From learning ROS to writing cpp, then learning about sensors and how to read its data from the terminal, I learned different methods of serial communication for many sensors. Especially bus protocols for the Arduino, like I2C, (and programming in Arduino) to communicate with other sensors like the BMP and SHT. Then I learned how to parse my data from the text files I collected using Python to separate data according to sensors, then writing Matlab functions and scripts to read in the data and plot them in helpful ways to analyze the data. Besides the software I’ve dabbled in this summer for the sensor assessment, I learned how to 3D print using solidworks. Ashraful, my mentor, taught me and Jason how to design¬†stereolithography designs. But I visited Dr. Duncan and she has a 3D printed hummingbird drone on her desk, so thats pretty neat. We learned how to print most effectively in relation to time and material how to remove support from the pieces. Ashraful designs the housing for the drones to allow aspiration over the sensors, so we learned how assemble the housing. I’ve used a drill more times this summer than I probably have in my entire life. Well I’ve finished my poster and I presented it today for Dr. Duncan and the other REU students so that’s hard a weight lifted. I’ve still got a paper to write, but I’m gonna go clean out the cooler now. Bye!