Week 9

This week, I looked forward to collecting data for the experiment I would be finishing up. I was able to work Monday and Tuesday to finalize the room configuration and the code for the drones. I struggled a lot with how the Vicon was set up in the room. Since the trial hasn’t been run since 2016, all the camera angles have changed. This meant that there were spots on the path that the UAV wouldn’t be seen, causing a crash. I had a few crashes and even had to fix a motor, which was really a bummer.

Wednesday, we had a lab meeting followed by a meeting with Dr. Detweiler about how to write and publish an academic paper. The lab meeting was fun because Carl showed a video of some cool drone crashes and we saw pictures from Amy, Jason, and other’s trip to Colorado. Dr. Detweiler’s talk was interesting as well because I have never learned about publishing papers.

By Thursday, I had my experiment running very well. It still wasn’t perfect, and I was still dreading having to backup pilot when a drone is right next to someone’s face, but I was happy to have pulled it all together. I practiced a few times Friday to get the whole experiment down, then I was ready to start! Friday night, a few people from the lab are going out to celebrate Carl’s last week. He is moving to UVA to work in the lab with Dr. Elbaum. I have to come in Saturday to run a few participants, which will be fun.

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