Week 8

I was very excited to start setting up my materials to start the study that I would be finishing up for Dr. Duncan. I started with finding all of the old documents- they haven’t run this study since 2016, so it had been a while- and talking to Alisha about how I would be running it. I decided to put my work with the Flame wheels on hold for now so that I could get comfortable with this study. There were a lot of little things for me to do, such as set up two more Vicon cameras and find old footage for me to watch. I enjoyed completing these little tasks. I had been in such a rut, it was nice to feel like I had finished something. I particularly enjoyed walking around campus to put up my flyers. The flyers had information about the study and how people could contact me to participate. By hanging these up, I got to explore a lot of the campus that I hadn’t seen before. It really is nice-looking here. As much as I love going to school in a big city like Atlanta, it was nice to see lots of greenery and not hear police sirens.

The week consisted of me just playing around with the scripts and trying to get the study to run the way I want it to. On Thursday, Najeeb helped me a lot by lending me one of his drones that would be compatible with MIT-asctec, which was used in the study. I was able to meet with Dr. Duncan on Friday to ask a few questions.

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