Week 7

Sadly, this week was a short one for me. I was only able to get into lab Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday morning, I took off for Florida to celebrate my Grandmother’s 80th birthday. Although I am sad to not be in lab, it has been nice to see my family again, as I haven’t seen them since I first came. I’m particularly happy to see my sister again. She spent the last semester in New Zealand, and I haven’t seen her since she traveled there in January.
My Monday was filled with my three projects (Flame wheel, MATLAB, and my poster). I didn’t progress very far with my Flame-wheels since it is my most difficult project. As for MATLAB and the poster, though, I was able to finish them up by Monday afternoon. I also took some time to read some papers for my literature review paper. By Tuesday, Ajay was able to help me again with the Flame wheel things. I had a hard time understanding it all the first time, so he walked me through the process again. Now, I was able to understand exactly what I was looking for when I searched through the code and what all I need to do to finish this project.
Wednesday, I was able to go out to the field. Although this meant I would miss the meeting with Dr. Bradley, I had a great time watching the digging team try out their mechanism as well as film some footage for them. I’ve decided that I really liked going to the field, despite the heat, so that I can really see the things we do in action. The drones they have been using are the ones that we built my first week here, so I loved watching my little project in action. I got back and kept trucking away on my Flame Wheel project.
To keep myself occupied on the plane to Florida, I downloaded a few papers to read for my Literature Review.

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