Week 6

I came into the office on Monday to continue the same work as before. Andrew and I kept tinkering with little things that we hoped would fix the Crazyflie’s flight pattern. Sadly, nothing was working. We called in Dr. Elbaum and Dr. Bradley to give us their thoughts. They both agreed with our hypothesis that the controller may be causing the problem. Tuesday morning, we started attempting to change the constants on the controller with some hope to make a difference. Still no luck. We had a meeting with Dr. Duncan to discuss a literature review assignment that we would be working on. She also asked us to give an update on our projects. When Andrew and I told her we were going into controller territory, she said that my work was done! I was finally done with the Crazyflies!

I was so excited to start working on a new project: integrating the Flamewheels that we built into ROS. Although this project seemed a little over my head, it was nice to know that I’m having a fresh start on something. I would also start preforming subject tests soon, which I was very excited about as well. Wednesday was the 4th of July, so we didn’t come into the lab. On Tuesday night, a few friends and I attended a firework show, which was really fun. On the 4th, I planned to go to the lake with friends, but ended up taking advantage of my off day to catch up on sleep.

Coming back to work on Thursday, I had a new sense of hope. I was no longer in the rut of the Crazyflies. I came in and started working on my new project, as well as formatting my poster for the presentation at the end of the year. This week, Dr. Elbaum gave us a lesson on data organization and analysis. This was interesting to me since I haven’t had to do much data analysis so far. We were all assigned different software to organize data with. I was given MATLAB, since it was something I’ve never used. I was excited to learn about MATLAB since all of my friends in engineering use it all the time. By Friday, I had such a long list of tasks to do that I was busy all day. Between my project with the Flame wheels, my poser draft, and my MATLAB assignment, I had my hands full for the next few days.

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