Week 6 & 7

Hello all! It’s Amy. I’m currently sitting in a car on my way back to UNL. I’m sorry I missed my last blog post; I’ve been crazy busy. Since Thursday, Jason and I have been in Colorado participating in the LAPSE RATE conference as part of Team NIMBUS. NIMBUS teamed up with the researchers from Earth and Atmospheric Sciences to profile and collect data from the valley. All week we’ve been out in the field at the crack of dawn to run test flights. Our team split up to cover more sites. Besides the excitement from flying drones all day, I really enjoyed the sites I tested at because one of them had a field of over 1000 sheep (I will include pics) and the other had a crater the size of what was probably made when Superman crash-landed onto Earth. Also, turns out I’ve been spelling Matrice 600 wrong this entire time. It’s Matrice not Matrix. I thought it was something like Beatrix… Opps.

Something incredible happened on this trip. I went hiking for the first time, well in America. I’ve been to the Great Wall, and there are mountains behind my village in China but that was nothing compared to the trails in Colorado. Our hiking trails included the Willow Lake Trail and the Sand Dunes! I don’t think I can say I’ve ever felt more accomplished than the moment I dragged myself to the peak of the sand dunes concealed in sand from head to toe. Most people probably wouldn’t consider the climb to be challenging, but as a couch potato who only participates in runs for the free shirt, I’ve never felt a physical challenge comparable to this in my life. I’ve also never felt more as one with nature until the moment I watched Jason drop his cliff bar onto the trail of dirt, pick it up, blow on it and continue to eat it, then he offered me a bite and I ate it too. After the hike, we went to the banquet to eat bbq and play outdoor games. Dr. Detweiler and Matt destroyed me and Ashraful at corn hole, at one point the score was 13-0, what an embarrassment. Well I’ve gotta work on my poster and paper now so I’ll update you next week! Make sure you check out the pictures though especially the insane packing job we tetris’ed into the pick up.


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