week 5

This week has been one of my most comfortable as I prepare to start analyzing data next week. I’ve been reading up on a lot of studies about human-robot interaction, looking for ways to categorize people’s responses to an approaching robot. We also have some homework for next week: a lit review, a small statistical study, a rough draft for our posters; I’m not complaining, though. I like having goals and set deadlines so I don’t have to deal with decision fatigue. I think a sense of ownership in a project, which I’m starting to feel now that I have context for what I’m working on, alleviates that listless drone when you’re working without reason. So, the two major things I’ve been doing this week, studying and working on small, set projects, are enjoyable for me. The first gives me context and a sense of purpose, the second gives me little deadlines.

Two friends and I also went on a bike ride on Wednesday, the fourth, to the “nearby” town of Elmwood, 21 miles away, for a parade. When we arrived, we found out that there was no parade in Elmwood, but there was one six miles north in Murdock. So we biked to the parade and the free watermelon served afterwards and it was such a fun time and a good workout. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much water (or seen so much corn) in a day – ever.


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