SRP Week 7

Blog 7: Week of 7/20/18

It is Andrew Brown again, and boy what a week. On Monday, Dr. Bradley came in to my little room to see my working Crazyflies and to discuss my next step. He said that I should get the Crazyflies flying in formation using the pre-packaged code that I have been working to implement this summer. We also agreed that I would prepare a lit. review and complete the introduction to my paper by Friday.

I spent the majority of Monday switching from the motion tracking system included in the prepackaged code to the object tracking system used by Vicon. This required a hardware alteration. For the motion tracking system, each Crazyflie had to share an identical Vicon marker layout with every other Crazyflie. With the object tracking system each Crazyflie must have a unique marker layout. However, if the markers are too close to one another, Vicon will not be able to distinguish one marker from another. Eventually I ended up adding extra carbon fiber rods to two of the Crazyflies to make them sufficiently unique.

By Wednesday I had the Crazyflies flying in formation! Dr. Bradley came in and he introduces me to the control algorithm we want to implement on the crazyflies. He said to spend only a day figuring out how to implement this new controller. I spent the rest of Wednesday, all of t Tuesday, and all of Friday trying to figure out where to put the controller. I made a little bit of progress, but I am still miles away from successful implementation.

Dr. Bradley said he would check in with me toward the end of the week, but he is really busy and did not have the time. Hopefully he will have some time to talk with me on Monday. I think I could implement the controller eventually, but it might take me months, and we do not have that kind of time. My paper and my poster are due within the next two weeks and I need results. At this point I cannot see how I will have them. If my results come from me successfully implementing the controller it will literally be a miracle.

I stayed up late Friday night completing my lit. review and introduction because I had spent much of my evenings earlier in the week working on my coding problems. Also, I forgot to do my blog post on Friday because I was busy doing other things in the lab. I really wish that the blog was due by the end of the weekend as opposed to at five o’clock on Friday.

I am not sure how next week is going to go, but at this point I am not overly worried. I will give my all trying to implement the controller. If this is enough to accomplish the task, yay! If not, I’ll trust that the Lord knows what He is doing and see where the chips fall.

I am still fascinated by the work. It amazes me that I have been working in a drone lab this summer.  What a great opportunity! I guess we will see what next week brings. Hopefully I return with a glowing report.

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