REU Fourth Week

This week was a push towards getting ready for Colorado. Ashraful leaves on the 9th leaving us one more week to get everything ready for the big trip. We want the flight out in Colorado to not be controlled by a pilot so I looked into a few apps on tablets to see if any of these would have the ability to control the flight. I first looked into an application that a former grad student, Evan Beachly, made while he was here at UNL. This was a very user friendly program and worked great for flying the drone and mapping out a path, but for the job that we wanted done this application was not going to work. I then turned towards a DJI app called GS Pro. This did what we needed to as I could set a path for it to fly directly up and then turn around at any height up to 500 meters. This seemed to work perfect for what we needed it for even thought it was not the easiest application to use. I created a few missions on this app and we tested them on Thursday and it seemed to work pretty well. Along with getting the drone to be flown by an iPad, I began to start helping Ashraful build the rest of the fleet that we are taking out to Colorado as each drone needs two ‘arms’ that will hold the sensors that we are going to use.

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