Daily Archives: July 6, 2018

week 5

This week has been one of my most comfortable as I prepare to start analyzing data next week. I’ve been reading up on a lot of studies about human-robot interaction, looking for ways to categorize people’s responses to an approaching robot. We also have some homework for next week: a lit review, a small statistical […]

Week 5

Hey y’all, this is Amy. This week started off great! The university crafted a GRE prep session that took place on Saturday. I was really excited to learn more about what it takes to better prepare myself for one of the most important tests of my professional career. The downside of the session was that […]

SRP Week 5

Blog 5: Week of 7/5/18 Andrew Brown again! This week started in frustration, peaked with some excitement in the middle, and ended with hopeful, yet uncertain expectation. We ended off last week with the small computer having loaded all of the crazyflie software correctly, yet unable to make the drone hover because the computer hardware […]

REU Fifth Week

Another big week is done and in the books. Colorado trip is only a week away for us and less than that for Ashraful, the mechanical engineering graduate student involved in designing the housing and such for the sensors. He is leaving this Monday as he is going down to present at the conference that […]

Week 6

I came into the office on Monday to continue the same work as before. Andrew and I kept tinkering with little things that we hoped would fix the Crazyflie’s flight pattern. Sadly, nothing was working. We called in Dr. Elbaum and Dr. Bradley to give us their thoughts. They both agreed with our hypothesis that […]