Monthly Archives: July 2018

SRP Week 8

Blog 8: Week of 7/31/18             Andrew Brown again, and I really dropped the ball on the blogs this week. It is Tuesday and I am doing my blog for last Friday. That being said, the week went really well. Last week ended with worries that I would not be […]

REU Eighth Week

The final week is approaching, which means that the poster presentation is almost here. I spent the week starting and finishing my poster that I will need to present during the last few days of the summer. It was a week of reflection and realization. I was able to look back on the summer and […]

Week 9

This week, I looked forward to collecting data for the experiment I would be finishing up. I was able to work Monday and Tuesday to finalize the room configuration and the code for the drones. I struggled a lot with how the Vicon was set up in the room. Since the trial hasn’t been run […]

Week 8

I was very excited to start setting up my materials to start the study that I would be finishing up for Dr. Duncan. I started with finding all of the old documents- they haven’t run this study since 2016, so it had been a while- and talking to Alisha about how I would be running […]

REU Seventh Week

This was a big week. We were able to make it to Colorado last Friday to begin the week of flying as we profiled the atmosphere for a better understanding of the production of storms in the San Luis Valley. On Saturday, we had a media day at a small local airport just outside Alamosa, […]

SRP Week 7

Blog 7: Week of 7/20/18 It is Andrew Brown again, and boy what a week. On Monday, Dr. Bradley came in to my little room to see my working Crazyflies and to discuss my next step. He said that I should get the Crazyflies flying in formation using the pre-packaged code that I have been […]

Week 6 & 7

Hello all! It’s Amy. I’m currently sitting in a car on my way back to UNL. I’m sorry I missed my last blog post; I’ve been crazy busy. Since Thursday, Jason and I have been in Colorado participating in the LAPSE RATE conference as part of Team NIMBUS. NIMBUS teamed up with the researchers from […]

REU Sixth Week

This was a busy week. Ashraful was out in Colorado presenting on his invention of the the housing that is going to be attached to the M600 Pro DJI drone that we are going to use to profile the atmosphere. This housing is used to prevent mixed air from running over the sensor to get […]

Week 7

Sadly, this week was a short one for me. I was only able to get into lab Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday morning, I took off for Florida to celebrate my Grandmother’s 80th birthday. Although I am sad to not be in lab, it has been nice to see my family again, as I haven’t […]

SRP week 6

Blog 6: Week of 7/13/18 Andrew Brown reporting back one again! This week began with disappointment and was followed by an uneasy and discouraging middle, but it ended in victory!!! As I mentioned last week, Dr. Bradley came in Monday morning to help me troubleshoot the crazyflie. After a few minutes of discussion, we decided […]