Week 3


Day 1: I went over the code for serial communication packets again. We met with Dr. Elbaum to go over this week’s goals. Our end of the week goal is to be able to publish and subscribe in ROS using sensors. I went to see Ashraful after the meeting. He showed me the iMet xq sensor. We can use gtkterm to see the data currently being read in by the sensor. Now we just have to find a way to get to the data in ROS.

Day 2: I played with the xq sensor more. I learned about piping. Piping is a method used to send the output from one program as input to another program. I’m trying to send the output given by gtkterm to a program I’m writing in ROS.

Day 3: We had a meeting with members of the Cloud Map Project. Dr. Detweiler, AJ, Ashraful, Jason, and I met with members from the Earth and Atmospheric Department to go over our agenda for the Conference in Colorado. We will be using the our hexacopter to survey the lower atmosphere such as cold air drainage, atmospheric transition, air flow modification, and thunderstorm initiation.

Day 4: For the Cloud Map Project, we will be working with many sensors. We are deciding between using the iMet xq, xq2, or xf. I’m going to be running tests to compare the sensors to see which has the best step response time.

Day 5: I ran more tests to compare the sensors, and I used Matlab for data visualization.

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