REU Experiences

Week 1

My name is Amy Guo, and I am a senior studying Computer Engineering at Saint Louis University. I enjoy electronic circuit design, digital design, and computer system design. I’ll be spending my summer at UNL doing research in the NIMBUS Lab. In my free time, I like to paint, bake, and eat good food.
Our weekly objective is to learn how to operate vehicles manually and┬áprogrammatically. I hope I pass my flight test with the Hubsans, so I can move on to flying bigger drones. I’m really excited to go out into the field to see the hexacopter fly.

Day 1: We went on a tour; this campus is ENORMOUS. I normally average 5,000 steps a day. I nearly reached 20,000 steps today… The new people I met in lab are nice. AJ (my mentor) explained the basic concepts of drones. ie… pitching, rolling, thrusting, and yawing. We were introduced to the flame wheels.

Day 2: I flew a Hubsan. It was hard. I kept confusing yaw with roll, and the drone kept drifting so that didn’t help. We started putting together the flame wheel. After lab, a few of us went out to play sand volleyball. Then we watched Children of the Corn.
Day 3: I tried to install ROS. Turns out I needed a Linux machine to make that happen, so I got a virtual box on my Mac. After installing ubuntu and ROS to run on my box, I got a pop up warning that said I’d run out of space on my hard drive. Then Dr. Duncan gifted me a laptop for the summer. Sadly, I had trouble getting ubuntu on the virtual box on the new laptop. On the bright side, I finished the hardware aspect of piecing together the flame wheel. Then I went to the picnic at the park. I ate really good fried chicken, and took cute pics with all my new friends. We watched the Babadook later that night.
Day 4: I began the software portion of the flame wheel. I downloaded Mission Planner on the new laptop because it needed to run on Windows. I connected my drone and calibrated according to the manual. We played sand volleyball again after work. Then we watched Teeth and 1922.
Day 5: I practiced flying more, and I took my flight test today. Did I pass? Stay tuned to find out!

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