SRP Week 3

Blog 3: Week of 6/22/18

Andrew Brown reporting in! This has been a really exciting week and a really dull week all at the same time. The first half of the week consisted of more battling with ROS. I tried to improve the code I wrote last week, and I also began teaching myself how to make c++ write to a csv (comma separated value) file. In other words, I made c++ write to Excel. I also started trying to use some listing functions in c++. I was beginning to get the basics down, but I am not sure if I ever fully figured it out.

Finally, at about three o’clock on Wednesday afternoon I met with Dr. Bradley to figure out what my project will be. He put me with Riley, working on the Crazyflies! This was super exciting at first because it involved actual hardware and not just staring at a computer screen all day long. However, there were many bugs in the system, and we were/are not exactly sure what to do about any of them. Today, Carl came to the conclusion that part of our problem was that we were using the NIMBUS Wi-Fi, which is super slow. He connected us to the ethernet and the drone behaved a little bit better, but we think that the virtual machine is not able to communicate with the drone quickly enough for it to fly properly. In order to fix this, we will try two things – setting up my computer to control the drone because it may be little bit quicker than the one we are currently, and using a Chrome book which hosts Ubuntu natively instead of on a virtual machine.

Once we figure out how to make the drones fly properly Dr. Bradley is going to show Riley and me how to write a controller for a drone. After this, I get to write a controller for multiple drones – unbelievably cool!

Also, on the social side of things, a am very pleased. The other SRP participants are fun to spend time with. We really get along well. I am very excited to see what the next weeks bring.


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