REU Third Week

This was a very eventful and quick week. I finally learned enough of ROS to be able to apply it to something useful. I was able to use ROS to read, organize, and store the data from a sensor that measured pressure, humidity, and temperature along with the GPS coordinates. Also, I used it to read a sensor that measured wind speed and temperature. This was a fun experience because on Friday, Ashraful downloaded the code that I had written and used it on the drone to do tests in the field. It was not as smooth sailing as I had hoped as my code had a few bugs in it because I found out that I did not completely understand the transmission that was coming from the sensor. Ashraful was able to find and fix the problems and at the end of the day it seemed to work. With our summer research program kids, we took a trip to the Omaha Zoo this weekend and then visited the Old Market downtown. It was a very fun weekend and was a great time to meet the other researchers better. I am very excited to see what this week is going to bring.

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