REU Second Week

Getting into the second week of the summer, our group of five undergrad students began to work towards starting our piece of a project for the summer. We met with our faculty advisers at the start of the week and they gave us an idea of what we would be working on. I began to work towards a better understanding of ROS and the ability to apply it towards the modeling of the atmosphere project. I am working on being able to take data from several sensors on the drone that will be going up to 3000 feet and compiling and organizing the data to make it useful for the scientist that need it. Towards the end of the week, I finally was able to write a code that did nothing useful but was a start towards being able to use ROS to do a job that I need done. The best part of the week was that Amy, another REU student, and myself were able to join some graduate students to the field and observe them testing out their projects. We were also able to fly the large hexacopter, which was very stressful but was found to be easier than I expected as they were much more stable than the Hubsan drones.

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