Daily Archives: June 15, 2018

SRP Week 2

Blog 2: Week of 6/15/18 Andrew Brown here again. This week was an interesting week, but it felt sort of like walking through mud about two feet deep. The week began well enough with a meeting with Dr. Bradley. We discussed whether I wanted to work with the CubeSat or if I wanted to try […]

REU Week 3

This week, I was able to start my project for this summer. Before, I had been learning how to use ROS, fly the drones, and do a few smaller tasks to prepare for the summer. Monday morning, I came in and had a clear idea of what I needed to achieve, so I started right […]

SRP Week 1

Blog 1: Week of 6/8/18 My name is Andrew Brown. I am an undergraduate physics student at Whitworth University in Spokane, WA, and someday I hope to earn a master’s degree in aerospace engineering. I have been blessed to be one of five students who were given the opportunity to work in the NIMBUS lab […]